I am a proud Chicago native. I grew up on Chicago’s South Side. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and was accepted to law school at the University of Illinois College of Law.

 I deferred law school for two years to teach fourth grade in the Mississippi River Delta area. I decided to defer law school to teach prior to law school because I have a passion for using my knowledge to help others. 

After I finished law school, the world was still in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis. I witnessed hard-working people finding themselves in the unfamiliar situation of foreclosure, bankruptcy, and other collection litigation.  Chicago and the surrounding areas were not immune to the global financial crisis and some would argue experienced a near depression. Often homeowners alone, with limited if any knowledge of the tools or options at their deposal, would negotiate a loan modification or defend a foreclosure case against a well-resourced lender by themselves. 

I feel extraordinarily privileged to work for consumers, small businesses, and homeowners during this crisis. A home is often a family’s most valuable asset. I prefer assisting homeowners in buying and selling a home, but life happens and people deserve the opportunity to use all available resources to protect their asset.  Viewed broadly, the cumulative effects of foreclosures result in reduced property values, abandoned properties, crime, vandalism, and a reduction in tax revenue for vital social services such as education.  I do outstanding work every single day to assist homeowners in the foreclosure process to facilitate alternatives to foreclosure or assist the homeowner in a dignified exit with a fresh start.  A foreclosure is a complex area of the law that involves property, contracts, and regulatory issues. I recommend a person retain an attorney for this difficult process. 

In my current role, I research various legal issues and advise clients throughout all stages of the foreclosure litigation process.  Additionally, I argue motions and represent clients at various hearings in both state and federal court.  I am an adjunct professor at Trinity International University wherein I teach a business legal environment course. I serve as the bridge to connect more homeowners to the options at their disposal. I hope this new blog provides a glimpse of the information homeowners should know to make informed decisions concerning their home.